Refugees in Bosnia

Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

Over 82 million – or 1 in 95 – people worldwide have been forcibly displaced.

The number of people who have been forcibly displaced has doubled over the last 10 years. There are many reasons for flight, including war, persecution, conflict, natural disaster, destitution and repression.

With health and well-being jeopardized, the lives of the most vulnerable can be at risk. The majority are internally displaced people (IDPs), meaning they haven't crossed a border and have stayed within their country.

MSF teams work alongside people on the move at their points of arrival or during the treacherous journeys they undertake, inside and outside their countries.

Thousands of migrants trapped ahead of Bosnian winter.
Rapport international d'activités 2019

Des êtres humain de seconde zone : Les politiques européennes maltraitent les réfugiés, les migrants et les demandeurs d'asile

2 Sep 2020
Refugee population in Andeamboukane, Mali

Fuyant les violences au Niger, les réfugiés au Mali restent démunis

Project Update 9 Mar 2020
People on the move in Assamaka, Agadez
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Niger, au carrefour de la migration

19 Dec 2019
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Day of Violence in the Central African Republic
Central African Republic

Sans protection : Rapport sur la violence et le manque de protection dont souffrent les civils en RCA

Report 20 Fev 2019
Old Fangak Stories
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Un hôpital dans les marécages

25 Jul 2018
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NFI distribution in Mosul's Old City
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Après la bataille : Histoire d'un désastre

12 Jul 2018
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Detention Centres - Tripoli, Libya
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A l’intérieur des centres de détention de migrants en Libye

1 Sep 2017
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1 Juin 2018