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Assistance for refugees in Serbia
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MSF closed its projects in Croatia in 2015.

MSF has provided support to refugees in Croatia following different crises.

We worked with Bosnian refugees fleeing the Bosnian war in 1993 as Croatian health centres struggled to cope with the influx of people. We provided assistance in North Zadar, Gasinci and in Karlovac transit camp. Psychological assistance was a fundamental aspect of our response, as well as dispensing drugs. We closed our project with refugees in Gasinci in 1996 and continued working in Croatia until 1998.

In 2015, we returned to Croatia with two mobile clinics on the Serbia-Croatia border providing assistance to mostly Syrian refugees travelling north through Europe. 

Mediterranean migration

Up to 3,000 people stranded at the border between Serbia and Croatia without shelter

Project Update 19 Oct 2015
Family At The Sid-Tovarnik Border, Serbia
Mediterranean migration

Testimonies from Syrian refugees at the border between Croatia and Serbia

Voices from the Field 16 Oct 2015
Refugees In Bapska, Serbia
Mediterranean migration

“The determination of the refugees to reach their destination is shocking.”

Voices from the Field 15 Oct 2015