Mediterranean Migration

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Figures from a warzone in the Mediterranean: a mass grave created by European policies
Saving lives is our core business, whether it is on land or at sea. Aurélie Ponthieu explains how...
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MOAS The MOAS boat Phoenix, rescuing stranded migrants last year. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)...
Calls on the EU to review its policies on migration and border control.
MSF has started to work inside the CPSA (first reception centre) in Pozzallo, Sicily to provides...
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Calling on the European Union (EU) to immediately reassess its policies on migrants, asylum seekers...
Testimonies from refugees & MSF teams. Leros and Kos Islands, Greece Collected between 12th -...
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Refugees are subjected to a dysfunctional reception system and inhumane living conditions
MSF launches web documentary to tell the stories of those who have no choice but to leave
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Italian Ministry of Interior has announced that Mare Nostrum search & rescue operation will cease...
An unprecedented number of people are turning to the sea as their only option.
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The European Union must continue active search and rescue operations to save lives in the...
Italy has long been a landing point for migrants and refugees, and in 2015 more than 153,000 people...
More than 856,000 refugees and migrants arrived by sea or land in Greece in 2015, making it the...
“Over the last days, we have seen a progressive escalation of violence, with ongoing incidents...
Notes from the field
Malta – August 2010