Liberia: new Ebola centres already overwhelmed

MSF is rapidly scaling up its operations in Liberia. MSF’s ebola newest management centre in Monrovia is already at capacity with 120 patients and a further expansion is underway.
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Medical care through war and truce

On 25 August an open-ended ceasefire came into force, bringing relief to MSF teams and to the population. But activity in Al Shifa hospital continues unabated.
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The Reach of War: A Day in the Life of the Syrian Conflict

By documenting several projects on the same day, MSF aims to share the human side of the Syrian War

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South Sudan

Living conditions an affront to human dignity in Bentiu

40,000 people are crowded into a flooded compound in Bentiu. Living conditions are horrific but it is the only refuge they have from the civil war that broke out last December.

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