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Activities  2012 International Activity Report

Key medical figures: 

  • 3,960 outpatient consultations

The vast majority of patients seen by the staff at the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) programme in Paris are asylum seekers living on the streets or in temporary accommodation. 

Most have no health insurance, and it is extremely hard for them to access any kind of medical care. The difficulties are compounded for people who cannot speak French, and who do not have a residence permit.

MSF’s health centre offers medical, psychological and social care through a multidisciplinary staff of nurses, doctors, psychologists and social workers. Many patients – particularly those receiving psychological care – have suffered repeated traumatic experiences both at home and in exile. In 2012, the team saw around 100 new patients. As well as medical consultations, staff carried out more than 2,100 psychological consultations. Nearly 900 patients received social assistance.

In addition to providing direct medical and social assistance to those in need, MSF’s goal is to ensure that barriers are removed, so that vulnerable people can access care in the public system.

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At the end of 2012, MSF had 13 field staff in France. MSF has been providing medical assistance in the country since 1987.

Finances  2012 International Financial Report

Concept In thousands of €
Programmes 1242
Indirect supply costs 1
Field-related expenses 1243
Locally hired staff 5
International staff


Operational running expenses 23
Medical and nutrition 147
Logistics and sanitation 8
Transport, freight and storage -
Training and local support 2
Consultants and field support 184
Private and public institutional grants -
Others -
Concept In thousands of €
Public institutional income -
Funding of field-related costs 1243
Private and other income 1243
ECHO and EU institutions -
EU governments -
Non-EU European governments -
North American governments -
Other governments -
UN institutions -
Staff information
Concept In full-time equivalents
Field positions 13
Locally hired staff -
International staff 13