20230206 Earthquake, Idlib, Northwestern Syria

Türkiye and Syria earthquake response

Powerful earthquakes hit the south of Türkiye and northwest Syria in February, resulting in over 50,000 deaths and many more injuries, as well as massive damage to infrastructure.

The consequences of the earthquakes have exacerbated the already precarious humanitarian situation for people in northwest Syria. Fifty-five medical facilities in Syria were damaged and several others have been completely destroyed, hindering their capacity to respond. In this context, both medical and relief support remain priorities for the thousands of people who lost their homes and are exposed to cold temperatures. 

Our teams in northwest Syria are supporting medical facilities by providing donations as well as staff to help treat injured patients. We are also supporting ambulances to facilitate the referral of patients, providing relief items to people affected, setting up mobile clinics in shelters and reception camps for essential medical services, and offering psychological aid. So far, our teams have donated 27 tons of medical supplies in Syria.

In south Türkiye, Hatay, Gaziantep and Diyarbakir appear to be the areas most affected by the earthquakes. Our teams are conducting relief activities in collaboration with local partners through donations (providing over 27,000 hygiene kits, over 14,000 relief items and over 20,000 litres of water). We have also provided mental health and psychosocial support to people affected by the earthquakes, including volunteers and search and rescue teams.

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