Zambia, cholera vaccination in Lusaka


Having first worked in Zambia in 1999, we handed over our medical activities to the Zambian Ministry of Health in 2013. We returned in 2016 and 2018 to support the Ministry of Health in response to outbreaks of cholera

Cholera is a major public health issue in Zambia, with epidemics typically occurring during the rainy season. The outbreak in February 2016 was, however, the first to hit the capital since 2011.

In January 2018, we again supported the Ministry of Health to manage an unusually large number of cases during a cholera outbreak in south Lusaka. We provided 24-hour support at the cholera treatment centre at Chawama hospital, as well as training staff, donating equipment and helping to establish surveillance and referral systems.

In 2018, we also set up nutrition programmes and conducted outpatient consultations for refugees who have sought shelter in Zambia, the majority from southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2018
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