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Syrian refugee explo Bulgaria, November 2013
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In response to the escalating refugee arrivals in Harmanli, our teams have initiated a comprehensive healthcare response in Bulgaria.

Operating a clinic within the Harmanli Reception Centre, our team provides general healthcare as well as sexual and reproductive health, and support for non-communicable diseases.  

We remain committed to delivering essential healthcare services and addressing the pressing medical needs of refugees in Harmanli, to ensure their well-being.

MSF first worked in Bulgaria in 1981. In 1997 we began providing medical equipment and medication to hospitals and pharmacies in the country.

In 2000, we opened a treatment centre for sexually transmitted infections in the capital, Sofia, where we educated people on safe sex practices and infection prevention, and did voluntary testing and counselling for HIV. In 2013 our teams also worked to improve conditions for Syrian refugees arriving in the country. 

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