Earthquake Response in West Sulawesi,
Our teams are working with government ministries to support emergency preparedness programmes in Indonesia.

We are working together with the Ministry of Health Crisis Centre to strengthen the emergency preparedness and response capacity in Indonesia. This project works to strengthen emergency responses through better health data management, increased mental health support, and expanded environmental health services.

Our activities in 2021 in Indonesia

Data and information from the International Activity Report 2021.

MSF in Indonesia in 2021 In Indonesia, Médecins Sans Frontières continued to focus on improving adolescent healthcare and working with the authorities to strengthen emergency preparedness and response capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021.

Our programmes in Banten and Jakarta provinces support the Ministry of Health to improve the quality and availability of targeted health services for adolescents, such as ante- and postnatal care for pregnant girls and young mothers. We provide adolescent-friendly care inside health centres and work to build connections between local communities, schools and health service providers. 

In 2021, our activities in Jakarta included counselling sessions and health consultations for adolescents at Islamic boarding schools and street children. We also developed psychosocial support training modules for health workers, cadres (a small group of adults or young people organised to lead others), and adolescents. We were able to conduct some of our activities face to face, using the necessary COVID-19 protective equipment, while others had to be switched to online platforms. 

Our teams in Jakarta and Banten supported the response to the COVID-19 pandemic through capacity-building activities such as workshops and training for medical staff and community health workers involved in the treatment of suspected COVID-19 patients. We also ran two digital health promotion campaigns on the virus, covering issues such as mental health and vaccination. The first of these campaigns reached more than 55 million people. In Labuan and Carita subdistricts, we supported the surveillance taskforce and the training of trainers, and donated personal protective equipment to health centres. 

Other activities in 2021 included assisting the Ministry of Health’s Crisis Centre responses to natural disasters. Following the earthquake in Mamuju, Sulawesi, in January, we deployed a team to assess the medical needs. Our staff treated 346 patients, provided psychological first aid and donated hygiene kits to people who had been temporarily displaced. In December, we also offered trainings in psychological first aid and data management to first responders after the eruption of Mount Semeru in Java. 

In 2021
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