Yemen has been in a state of almost continuous unrest since 2004, with a history of separatist movements in the south of the country and anti-government uprising in the north.

The country is currently divided between the Houthi movement, which controls substantial parts of the north and is advancing southwards, and the anti-Houthi coalition based mainly in the south. President Hadi of the transitional government (set up after widespread protests pushed the previous president Saleh to step down) left Yemen at the end of March 2015 when the Saleh-supported Houthi consolidated their power in the capital Sana'a and moved to take the southern city of Aden. A coalition of gulf states supporting President Hadi and led by Saudi Arabia started airstrikes against the Houthis on the 27 March 2015.

Insecurity is making it very hard to travel in the country to assess the numbers of displaced and the impact of the conflict on the civilian population. However, before the current escalation in violence  the health situation for many Yemeni people was already precarious, with lack of access particularly in rural areas.

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Activities  2014 International Activity Report

High levels of poverty and unemployment combined with continuous insecurity make it difficult for Yemenis to access healthcare.

Basic healthcare and lifesaving surgical care is provided by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Al Azaraq and Qataba’a districts of Ad Dhale governorate. More than 47,000 outpatient consultations took place in 2014. Emergency surgery for victims of violence is available in Al Naser general hospital, Ad Dhale city. The team performed around 300 surgical procedures here between June and September, when they were evacuated because of insecurity.

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Year MSF first worked in the country: 1994.

2014 Key figures
Outpatient consultations 91,000
Surgical interventions 4,300
Patients on first-line ARV treatment 720
No. staff in 2014 562
2014 Expenditure €9.9 million

Figures from 2014 International Activity Report
and 2014 International Financial Report

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