Many refugee communities and survivors of trafficking are unable to access healthcare.

Our teams provide medical screenings and outpatient consultations in government shelters for victims of human trafficking. We have set up a primary healthcare clinic in a Penang neighbourhood where migrants from many countries have settled, and have developed a strong network with fishermen communities and local authorities in Langkawi, a known migrant disembarkation site.

Having identified a particular gap in mental healthcare, primarily due to the language barriers faced by survivors of trafficking of more than 10 different nationalities, in 2018 we started providing psychosocial and counselling services to survivors in their native languages.

UNHCR continues to restrict asylum claims by ethnic groups from Myanmar (90 per cent of asylum seekers in Malaysia). A limited number of NGOs, including MSF, can refer asylum claims to the refugee agency based on a set of additional vulnerability criteria. In 2018, we made 612 such referrals.

In 2018
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