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20230206 Earthquake, Idlib, Northwestern Syria

Türkiye and Syria earthquake response

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Note 30 April 2024: This page is no longer being updated. Our response through our partners in Türkiye has ended in May 2023, while we ingrated our ongoing response in Syria into our regular projects.

Two powerful earthquakes, and a number of often strong aftershocks, hit the region of southern Türkiye and northwestern Syria on 6 February 2023.

Our teams swung into action to respond in Syria within hours, and in the days after in Türkiye, working through local partners. In the days and weeks after the earthquakes, we provided medical care and the first of essential items, including blankets, and hygiene and cooking kits, to people who had been displaced in both countries.

Our response evolved in the months after, when we improved water and sanitation services, reconstructed damaged health facilities and provided mental health care to people traumatised by the events and by the losses they had experienced. Our response through our partners in Türkiye finished at the end of May; in Syria, six months after the quakes, we integrated any ongoing response into our regular projects. 

MSF response to the earthquakes in Syria and Türkiye

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