Russian Federation

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Activities  2012 International Activity Report

Key medical figures: 

  • 300 patients began TB treatment
  • 750 patients admitted to the cardiac unit
  • 8,990 individual and group mental health consultations

A health crisis persists in the north Caucasus region, exacerbated by devastating illnesses such as tuberculosis (TB).

Years of war, the destruction of the health system and social stigma associated with TB have contributed to a lack of diagnosis and treatment in the north Caucasus, especially for drug-resistant TB (DR-TB).

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has worked with the Chechen Ministry of Health to implement a comprehensive TB programme in the republic, including rapid diagnosis and treatment for people with DR-TB, those not responding to standard first-line drugs for TB. Patients receive counselling and practical support to help them complete their lengthy, isolating and often arduous treatment. The MSF team is developing a special focus on children, as well as on HIV–TB co-infection.

Improving cardiac care

One in six people in Chechnya has heart disease but the scale and quality of medical services do not meet the needs for acute coronary syndromes and other cardiovascular emergencies. In Grozny, Chechnya’s capital, MSF is working to improve the cardiac unit in the Republican Emergency Hospital through staff training and the purchase of medical equipment and essential medicines for carrying out specialist treatment. The number of patients receiving emergency care rose to almost 750 in 2012, as the unit increased its capacity.

Attention to mothers and children

Since 2007, MSF has provided medical care for women and children through three outpatient clinics in Grozny and rural areas in northern and southern Chechnya. After a total of 15,700 paediatric consultations and 8,800 gynaecological consultations, MSF closed the programme at the end of 2012, because of decreasing patient numbers and low levels of disease.

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At the end of 2012, MSF had 189 staff in the Russian Federation. MSF first worked in the country in 1992. 

Finances  2012 International Financial Report

Concept In thousands of €
Programmes 6304
Indirect supply costs 0
Field-related expenses 6304
Locally hired staff 3402
International staff 664
Operational running expenses 483
Medical and nutrition 1381
Logistics and sanitation 87
Transport, freight and storage 21
Training and local support 174
Consultants and field support 67
Private and public institutional grants -
Others 25
Concept In thousands of €
Public institutional income -
Funding of field-related costs 6304
Private and other income 6304
ECHO and EU institutions -
EU governments -
Non-EU European governments -
North American governments -
Other governments -
UN institutions -
Staff information
Concept In full-time equivalents
Field positions 189
Locally hired staff 180
International staff 9