Activities  2015 International Activity Report

In Sudan, MSF continues to provide medical assistance to people in some of the most remote and challenging environments, but our access to those most affected by conflict is severely restricted.

MSF aims to support the provision of basic healthcare and helps detect and respond to disease outbreaks, particularly in Darfur, where there are significant medical needs and the Ministry of Health at times calls for specialist healthcare support to boost its capacity. However, denial of access to Blue Nile state, forced closure of activities in East Darfur state, and administrative obstacles and blockages in South Darfur state made it impossible for MSF to respond to medical emergencies and provide life-saving services in three major conflict-affected parts of Sudan.

The project in El Sireaf, North Darfur – a gold mining area where there were recurrent tribal clashes – continued to offer basic healthcare at the hospital, including reproductive health services, inpatient wards and emergency surgery. Two additional clinics, North and South, provide basic healthcare to displaced people. MSF uses a network of community health workers to spread preventive healthcare messages and awareness of the free health services available. Over 54,000 outpatient consultations were undertaken in 2015.

Further east, the MSF clinic in Tawila is the only health facility for the population in the Jebel Marra region. The team conducted over 59,000 outpatient consultations, provided 16,700 children with routine vaccinations and treated 1,300 children for malnutrition.

A project based in remote Dar Zaghawa provided healthcare to people living in Um Baru, Furawiya and Jurajeem and carried out 54,200 outpatient consultations.

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Year MSF first worked in the country: 1979.

2015 Key figures
Outpatient consultations 241,700
Antenatal care consultations 30,100
Routine vaccinations 6,000
No. staff in 2015 555
2015 Expenditure €10.9 million

Figures from 2015 International Activity Report
and 2015 International Financial Report


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