Ten years with the Moscow homeless - Any reason to celebrate?

Between May 1992 and May 2002, MSF has provided free medical care to the homeless in Moscow. A total of
  • 183,629 medical consultations
  • 55,360 social consultations
  • vaccinated 11,955 people
  • organized the hospitalization of 11,164 persons
    Ten years is a long time. When MSF began its program in May 1002, the number of homeless persons in Moscow was about 30,000. At that time, they did not have access to any medical or social services. MSF decided to provide emergency medical consultations in the capital's train stations. Ten years later, MSF is still here. According to statistics from the Ministry of Interior dating from 1995, the number of homeless persons in Moscow has grown to 100,000. The Institute of Socio-Economic Studies of the Russian Academy of Science estimated in 1998 that there are more than four million homeless persons Russia-wide. And still there is no social approach to the problem and no social answer. Last winter in Moscow, a total of 430 people, 90% of them homeless, died of cold in the streets. Ambulances in Moscow picked up 806 dead homeless persons off the streets last year? Many tough questions arise when you look back at 10 years of work. And an essential one is: Are there reasons to celebrate this anniversary? The mere fact that our program has been running for 10 years is a sad sign that the problem still exists. But there are also positive results - our work has also had successes. It is this collection of achievements that we celebrate on this, our 10th anniversary. Hedwige Jeanmart Co-ordinator of MSF's Program for the Homeless