Patient numbers increase after key media campaign in northern Nigeria

During its first week of operation, the MSF nutritional programme in the northern Nigerian state of Sokoto has received massive media coverage, ranging from television to radio and print.

The Nigerian authorities have generally been supportive of the attention given to the new programme. As a result of the media coverage, the number of patients in the project is increasing.

Since the opening of the project three weeks ago, 260 malnourished children have been treated by MSF. Over the same period, 981 children have been treagted for malaria.

The malaria season is now peaking in the area and many children in the feeding centre are also being treated for this illness, whether or not they meet criteria for admission to the nutritional feeding programme.

More than 700 children with malaria have already been treated with artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT). In order to improve adherence to the treatment, the team has asked the local religious leaders to inform the population about the importance of adhering to the set protocol.

A reported cholera outbreak was investigated and appears to be under control.