The other Sudan: crisis in Malakal in danger of exacerbating

Alongside Darfur, another serious humanitarian crisis is going on in Sudan in the Shilluk Kingdom, near the city of Malakal in Upper Nile State. Fighting that took place from December to April displaced an estimated 100,000 ethnic Shilluk. The fighting started after one of the Shilluk leaders, supported by the government of Sudan, defected to the southern †rebel movement SPLA. The situation is particularly grave near Malakal, where up to 50,000 Shilluk have fled (33,000 of them have so far been registered). In July, security incidents started to occur again and also the rains are exceptionally late. Food shortages have already become visible. MSF has activities in Malakal and Ulang, Adong and Nasir along the Sobat river with two therapeutic centres (TFCs) dedicated to kala azar patients, paediatrics (in-patient and out-patient departmentss), kala azar and tuberculosis treatment and basic health care. All activities have significantly increased since the crisis began. In Malakal, the attendance in the TFCs tripled since March, with 90 children hospitalised in June. The TFC in Ulang admitted 45 patients immediately after opening in May.