Forced to Flee: Humanitarian Disasters Leave Women at Higher Risk

ALT Laurence GeaiLast December, while Sonia was more than 7 months pregnant, a wave of extreme violence struck Bangui, CAR, obliging her to flee her neighborhood and seek refuge at the M’Poko camp to deliver.

Today up to 23,000 people will be forced to flee their homes, joining 45 million others around the world who are already displaced due to conflict, persecution, or natural disaster. Of course people of both sexes suffer and die from the direct consequences of these displacements, and from the crises that cause them. But women are especially vulnerable. For those who are pregnant, lack of care may be their biggest threat to survival. And especially in contexts of conflict, women and girls face a hugely increased risk of sexual assault.


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Author: Tane Luna Ramirez

Publication: Public Library of Science (PLoS) blogs

Keyword(s): Maternal health, Reproductive healthcare, Sexual violence, Violations