Attack described as a deliberate attempt to kill

The attack of February 7 on an MSF vehicle and its occupants in Ethiopia is now being described by MSF as a deliberate attack with the intent to kill aid workers.

In the attack, the MSF driver was killed, an MSF logistician was shot twice and a third person received a head wound.

The attack has forced MSF to suspend all activities in the region while MSF investigates the motives. MSF has requested assistance from all local parties, from the Ethiopian government to local elders, to assist in the enquiry.

MSF has described the attack as a deliberate attempt to kill aid workers because the vehicle was clearly marked with MSF logo stickers on the side.

There are over 20 bullet holes in the car. The driver was killed immediately. Once the car stopped, the MSF ex-pat, a 29 year-old French logistician, was pulled from the car and shot a second time at point blank range.

The third person in the vehicle, a non-MSF passenger and the brother of the driver, received a superficial wound to the head and survived.