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Activities  2012 International Activity Report

Key medical figures:

  • 71,380 outpatient consultations
  • 495,950 meningitis vaccinations
  • 28,930 patients treated for severe malnutrition

In 2012, MSF responded to recurring health emergencies in Chad, including spikes in malnutrition and outbreaks of meningitis and malaria.

Internal strife has diminished over recent years, and the main public health problem for Chadians today is a lack of quality health services or, for many people, an absence of health services altogether.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams continued programmes designed to meet the neglected medical needs of women and children, and also responded to malnutrition and other emergencies.

Widespread child malnutrition

Immunisation rates are very low and Chad is regularly affected by outbreaks of preventable disease, which increase the exposure of young children to malnutrition.

In 2012, MSF treated more than 23,000 children for severe malnutrition in different areas of the Sahel strip, which runs across the middle of the country. Two regular programmes run nutrition activities, and four additional short-term nutrition programmes were opened in places where existing capacity was overwhelmed. MSF handed over these emergency programmes to other organisations and the Ministry of Health after the peak of the crisis had passed.

In Biltine, Wadi Fira region and Aboudeia, Salamat region, 5,180 children were treated for malnutrition at two inpatient and 20 outpatient feeding centres. In and around Yao in Fitri district, Batha region, MSF ran an emergency nutrition programme from April to September. Staff at the hospital in N’Djamena Bilala in Fitri ran a 30-bed paediatric ward for patients suffering from severe malnutrition and other diseases, and teams screened for and treated malnutrition in 27 surrounding villages. Staff also carried out 1,330 paediatric consultations and ensured routine vaccinations for 6,300 children. In June, MSF opened one inpatient and 10 outpatient feeding centres in Bokoro in Hadjer Lamis region and treated 3,800 children.

An MSF team has worked at Massakory hospital in Hadjer Lamis since 2010. Staff offer emergency medical care for children up to 15 years of age and treat children under five for severe malnutrition with complications. In 2012, 8,530 patients were treated for malnutrition and over 1,000 for malaria. A nutrition programme operated in six health zones, where teams also monitored for common diseases. In addition, more than 17,000 children were vaccinated against measles and 182 patients were treated for meningitis.

Meningitis outbreaks

Chad is one of a number of countries across sub-Saharan Africa that experience recurrent outbreaks of meningitis, an infection of the thin membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis can cause headaches, fever, nausea and sensitivity to light, and can lead to disability or death.

When meningitis epidemic thresholds were exceeded in early 2012, MSF launched vaccination campaigns in the regions of Batha, Salamat, Mayo Kebbi Ouest, Mandoul and Hadjer Lamis. Some teams were able to use a newer vaccine, which offers 10 years of protection against the disease.

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At the end of 2012, MSF had 997 staff in Chad. MSF has been working in the country since 1981.

Finances  2012 International Financial Report

Concept In thousands of €
Programmes 20033
Indirect supply costs 283
Field-related expenses 20316
Locally hired staff 5262
International staff 5411
Operational running expenses 1211
Medical and nutrition 2838
Logistics and sanitation 857
Transport, freight and storage 29
Training and local support 4133
Consultants and field support 280
Private and public institutional grants -
Others 12
Concept In thousands of €
Public institutional income 3793
Funding of field-related costs 20316
Private and other income 16523
Humanitarian Aid Office of the European Commission (ECHO) 2154
ECHO and EU institutions 2154
Danish Agency for Development Assistance (DANIDA) 15
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) - Germany 299
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) 1062
EU governments 1376
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) 138
Municipalities and regional councils - Switzerland 125
Non-EU European governments 263
North American governments -
Other governments -
UN institutions -
Staff information
Concept In full-time equivalents
Field positions 997
Locally hired staff 911
International staff 86