MSF strongly condemns attack on Al Shifa hospital

Yesterday’s attack on Al Shifa hospital demonstrates how civilians have nowhere safe to go and shows the difficulties of providing emergency aid in Gaza.

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A night at the Al-Shifa Hospital

IAC 2014

MSF treats first CMV retinitis patients

For the first time in Myanmar, patients are receiving oral treatment for CMV retinitis, a neglected disease linked to HIV/AIDS which can cause blindness

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Suitcase or Coffin

Retrospective mortality study reveals massive levels of death due to violence against Muslims during peak of conflict in Central African Republic

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South Sudan

Child malnutrition rates skyrocket in South Sudan

Children in parts of South Sudan are suffering from shocking rates of malnutrition.

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Gatlouk's photo story
Interview with MSF Project Coordinator, Sarah Maynard




Communities and displaced populations living in congested camps with poor hygiene and sanitation...
A highly successful nutrition programme in Niger
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Two car bombs exploded in towns in northern Syria on 26 July
As the Ebola outbreak continues to spread in west Africa, MSF is stepping up its response in the...

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