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Though Ebola has faded from the news headlines, the epidemic in West Africa continues to claim lives today. Infection rates are down from the peak of the crisis last year and progress has been made in the fight against Ebola. The outbreak has recently re-emerged in Liberia.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is not directly involved in the patient care of the new cases, in the investigation or in the follow up of contacts but it is ready to provide help to Liberian authorities and their partners, should they require it.

With the national health system decimated by the outbreak – and hundreds of Liberian health care workers dying from Ebola – MSF is focusing on supporting the recovery of health facilities. We want to encourage Liberian people to feel confident they can go to hospital once again and have their health care needs looked after.

In Monrovia, MSF is running a 69-bed paediatric hospital, aiming to contribute restoring the offer of secondary healthcare in the aftermath of Ebola outbreak. 44 per cent of the patients are less than one year old.

MSF also runs a clinic for Ebola survivors in the premises of the hospital. Former patients have to face stigma and discrimination while accessing care, as well as social and economic problems (loss of work, loss of housing, etc.). MSF provides general outpatient consultations, and addresses mental health needs. Common complaints are joint pains and ophthalmic issues, for which MSF guarantees referral to external specialists.

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Year MSF first worked in the country: 1990.

2014 Key figures
Patients admitted to Ebola Management Centres 2,500
     of which confirmed as having Ebola 1,600
Patients recovered from Ebola and discharged 670
No. staff in 2014 373
2014 Expenditure €23 million

Figures from 2014 International Activity Report
and 2014 International Financial Report

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