20 years of MSF in Kibera

Souvenirs from Kibera

After 20 years, MSF is handing over its health centre in Kibera, famous for being the world’s biggest slum, to the Nairobi City County Heath Services and another NGO. Here, we highlight the huge contribution MSF has made to Kibera in that time, focusing on the testimonies of our patients and staff.

Siama's story

Sally's story

Charles's story

Kibera is famously known as the biggest slum in Africa, but the people from Kibera refer to it as "kijiji," which means village in Swahili. The friction between "slum" and "kijiji" captures the ingenuity of the human will: when individuals are faced with impossible circumstances, they overcome first out of necessity and later evolve to inspire and support others through their challenges. In these relationships, the story of a vibrant community emerges.

The people in the following stories start out at a time in their lives when they were once very sick. They paint a time in Kibera when stigma, self-denial, and lack of access to treatment led to little hope of surviving. Then in almost every interview, there came a turning point–a pause–so subtle yet demanding.

Niko Poa by MSF on Exposure