UXO victims in Afghanistan

Mohammed Ayub. 18 years old. Badghis province, Qala-e Naw (capital of Badghis) Mohammed Ayub's face is completely disfigured. One of his legs was amputated; the other one is severely damaged. Both of his eyes are gone. Mohammed Ayub is a mujahid. 20 days ago he was walking around the military base and close to one of the checkpoints he noticed a pile of garbage. When he walked passed the garbage, something suddenly exploded. He does not know what kind of mine or UXO it was - he never even saw it. But the area is known to be heavily contaminated by unexploded sub-munitions of cluster bombs. Abdulmasir. 14 years old Herat city "Two days ago there was a religious ceremony and we went to a shrine on a hill in the north of the city. There were some tins on top of the hill and I thought they contained food. I picked one up and showed it to a friend of mine, but then we realized it was making a funny noise. My friend asked me 'What is that strange noise? Let me take a look at it.' I threw it to him and then he looked at it and threw it away, but it suddenly exploded. My friend died and I got severely injured. There was a box with a cover of cardboard paper and inside there was plastic. There was also a yellow stick of about 15 cm with four propellers at the end, so we think it was a cluster bomb."