Increasing medical needs

MSF Report - Angola: Pretence of normality

MSF provides support to many governmental health structures throughout Angola.

In Kuito (Bié Province) within the provincial hospital and in two other health structures; in Luena (Moxico Province) in the provincial hospital and three health structures; in Menongue (Cuando Cubango Province) in the town's provincial hospital and three peripheral health structures; in Matala (Huila Province) in 6 health structures, in Kaala (Huambo Province) in the district hospital and in 3 health structures ; in Cangandala (Malange Province) in 1 health structure and in M'Banza Congo (Zaire Province) in the district hospital. The importance of the consultations carried out reveals the desperate medical needs of the population.

  • From January to June 2000, MSF carried out 27,445 consultations in Kuito hospital and 8,106 people were hospitalised. The number of consultations in the health posts in the displaced camps of Kuito have averaged 4,000 each month since the beginning of the year
  • In the same period, 33,096 were carried out in Luena hospital, and 2851 people were hospitalised. 13,098 consultations were carried out in other health structures.
  • In Kaala, MSF carried out 10,186 consultations in the health centre in August 2000 alone (compared to 6,003 in January of the same year) - an average of 340 consultations per day.
  • In Matala, MSF carried out 40,738 consultations in the first 10 months of 2000.