Estrella Lasry: Malaria control in emergencies—time for action

ALT Anna Surinyach/MSF

A lunar landscape, cracked earth, and scorching heat. 4,000 rudimentary tents made from wooden poles and plastic sheeting. And people everywhere, 95% of them women and children, according to camp authorities, and a few men, hoping at least to find safety and security, and perhaps even to make a first step towards a new life. It’s another day at one of the refugee camps where Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) is working in Ethiopia, and “home” to thousands of South Sudanese people fleeing the latest wave of violence in their country. Any day now the rainy season will begin, bringing floods, and creating endless breeding sites for mosquitoes, and with them a new spike in malaria.

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Author: Estrella Lasry

Source: British Medical Journal Group Blogs

Keyword(s): Refugee / IDP, Malaria