Continuing increase in the number of war-wounded

MSF Report<BR> Angola: Pretence of normality
MSF teams have noted a significant increase in admissions to the emergency services, a high number of civilians wounded by bullets or mines and large number of deaths due to violence.
  • In Kuito the emergency admissions to the hospital where MSF works have been constantly increasing over the last two years. In 1999, 75.4% of the operations carried out were emergency cases. The number of surgical operations grew from 649 in 1998 to 804 in 1999 and to over 1200 for the first nine months of year 2000. The number of operations following mines accidents is also still increasing: 13 in 1998, 35 in 1999 and 138 for the first nine months of year 2000.
  • In August 2000 in the town of Menongue, out of 29 people taken to the hospital, 18 were casualties of bullets, one of a mine, the 10 others casualties of burns.
  • In Kaala, an MSF investigation into retrospective mortality of March 2000 show that among the whole of the population (both resident and displaced) the death rate due to violence was 23%. From January to July 2000, teams MSF received 226 serious casualties in the emergency room at the hospital, of which 143 (63%) were war wounded.