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MSF closed our projects in Djibouti in 2012.

Between 1978 and 2012, MSF worked in Djibouti in different capacities, assisting refugees, responding to disease outbreaks, and treating malnutrition.

MSF began working with Ethiopian refugees who were living in camps in Djibouti in 1978. During a series of cholera outbreaks beginning in 1993 we provided water and sanitation services and trained local health workers, until the project closed in 1995.

We returned to Djibouti in 2008 to provide care for malnourished children. We went door to door in the slums of Djibouti city to identify children with malnutrition and raise awareness about prevention. Having treated 10,600 children for severe malnutrition over four years, in 2012, we handed the project over to the Ministry of Health. 

After closing our last projects in Djibouti in 2012, we currently work in Djibouti city, where we maintain an operational support base for our Yemen projects.

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