Damaged buildings in Chernihiv

War in Ukraine

In late February 2022, attacks by Russian forces on multiple cities in Ukraine have since led 7 million people to become refugees.

As war has spread throughout Ukraine, people have fled the country. Our teams in Ukraine have had to suspend our usual medical activities.

We are providing activities in an emergency response in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries. In addition to Ukraine, we have teams responding in Slovakia, Russia and Belarus.

Mariupol, eastern Ukraine
War in Ukraine

Civilians must be allowed safe passage out of dire conditions in Mariupol

Project Update 5 Mar 2022
Mariupol, eastern Ukraine
War in Ukraine

Accessing areas most affected by fighting in Ukraine

Interview 3 Mar 2022
Korczowa's temporary accommodation site, southeastern Poland.

MSF mobilises response in Ukraine and nearby countries as conflict escalates

Project Update 1 Mar 2022
Berezove Village
War and conflict

MSF assesses response as Ukraine conflict escalates

Statement 25 Feb 2022
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