Ukraine - First train referral
As the war in Ukraine continues, our teams are responding to a humanitarian crisis.

We are providing medical care to people who have been caught up in, or have been forced to flee, the fighting. Our teams are donating emergency supplies to hospitals and providing vital training to their staff. 

There is full-scale warfare in many areas, making movements difficult, dangerous or simply impossible.

We are responding in various parts of the country, based on where our assistance is needed and will have a significant impact.

Our activities in Ukraine in 2021

Data and information from the International Activity Report 2021.

MSF in Ukraine in 2021 Conflict has been simmering in eastern Ukraine since 2014. For people living in small villages close to the fighting, getting the healthcare they need remains a challenge.

In Donetsk oblast (province), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) continued to support innovative, local solutions, working with community volunteers who drove fellow villagers to medical facilities in their own cars. Volunteers also delivered prescription medications and shared important health information. Throughout the year, MSF offered basic healthcare workers peer support and trained them to provide mental healthcare to patients – something that was previously limited to specialist health facilities in urban areas. We also donated medical items, including essential medicines, to health facilities.

Treatment for advanced HIV remained a challenge in eastern Ukraine in 2021. In Luhansk oblast, MSF staff worked with Ministry of Health Trust Cabinets (specialised HIV facilities) and the main laboratory for HIV testing. Our teams mentored and trained nurses and doctors, and offered psychological and social support to patients to help them adhere to treatment. We also donated testing and laboratory equipment. 

In Zhytomyr oblast, we worked with the regional tuberculosis (TB) hospital to implement a patient-centred model of care for multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB). Since 2019, we have been conducting research to provide evidence of the effectiveness of shorter, all-oral treatments, combined with counselling and social support, such as firewood and food parcels. MSF is also constructing a laboratory with modern diagnostic tools to enable patients to start taking the correct treatment as soon as possible. 

In 2021, we supported the COVID-19 response by donating personal protective equipment, rapid diagnostic tests and oxygen concentrators to health facilities. We also offered psychological support to healthcare workers, who were under intense pressure, and to patients and communities. In Donetsk, we treated patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms in their homes through our mobile clinics.  

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