Osh project, fighting TB
Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the world’s biggest global health crises. Killing 1.4 million people in 2019, TB is the world’s deadliest infectious disease (WHO).

Obsolete treatments, the lack of an effective vaccine, and the lack of suitable diagnostic tools make it difficult to control the global TB epidemic. Some gains have been made in recent years; the first new TB drugs in half a century and the trial of a shorter course of treatment for drug-resistant TB. But the harsh reality remains - 10 million people fell sick with TB in 2019 and nearly half a million developed drug-resistant TB, which is much harder to treat. The majority go undiagnosed and therefore untreated.


Quick facts about tuberculosis

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Access to medicines

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Insein clinic, for treatment for HIV, TB, and Hepatitis C in Yangon. By Alessandro Penso, Feb 2018.

Improved treatment options recommended by the World Health Organization

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Insein clinic, for treatment for HIV, TB, and Hepatitis C in Yangon. By Alessandro Penso, Feb 2018.

Last-minute pressure to drop language on protecting access to affordable medicines from TB Summit declaration negotiations

Press Release 20 Jul 2018

EndTB: Bedaquiline- and delamanid- containing regimens achieve excellent interim treatment response without safety concerns

endtb.org 13 Jul 2018

We produce important research based on our field experience. So far, we have published articles in over 100 peer-reviewed journals. These articles have often changed clinical practice and have been used for humanitarian advocacy. Read all our Tuberculosis-related articles on our dedicated Field Research website.

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Osh project, fighting TB