Snapshots from Northern Syria
War has raged in Syria for the best part of a decade, killing hundreds of thousands of people, displacing millions more, and creating extreme levels of destruction and suffering.

Civilian areas have been routinely bombed and deprived of assistance, and access to healthcare remains extremely poor in many areas. We operate in Syria where we can, but ongoing insecurity and access constraints – the Syrian government has not granted MSF authorisation to operate in the country – severely limit our activities and hamper our ability to provide humanitarian assistance that matches the scale of the needs.

In areas where access could be negotiated and where we have assurances about our staff safety, we run or support hospitals and health centres, and provide healthcare in displacement camps. In areas where no international presence is possible, we maintain a system of distance support, consisting of donations of medicines, medical equipment and relief items; remote training of medical staff; technical medical advice and financial assistance to cover facilities’ running costs.

Our teams are currently responding to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

MSF activities in Idlib, Northwest Syria | WEBCLIP ENG

MSF activities in Idlib, northwest Syria


MSF activities in Idlib, northwest Syria

The governorate of Idlib currently hosts hundreds of thousands displaced Syrians. Many are living in informal camps that lack almost all services and are seriously overcrowded. MSF’s mobile clinics visit some of these camps on a weekly basis, to provide essential medical services such as vaccinations and primary healthcare consultations. We also conduct water and sanitation activities to improve the living conditions in the camps, and organise distributions of essential relief items.

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