Malawi Prisons - Chichiri and Maula

Social violence and exclusion

Many people are unable to access healthcare simply because of who they are. They may be afraid to seek help, or are excluded because they are forced to live outside of mainstream societal bounds.

People who are excluded include undocumented migrants, street children, sex workers, prisoners, drug addicts or the mentally ill. Sometimes, entire communities are systematically neglected by relevant authorities. These might be people who live in slums, or communities hit by criminal violence and gang warfare. Our teams provide medical, psychological and social support to people cut off from health services. Our work also involves drawing attention to the obstacles patients face in accessing healthcare.

Naga, Myanmar, Access to healthcare for remote communities
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Bringing healthcare to remote communities in Naga

25 Apr 2019
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Gaza, reconstructive surgery program, all uses.

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Social violence and exclusion

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