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Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

Violence, Vulnerability and Migration: Trapped at the Gates of Europe

Report 13 Mar 2013
surgical care to victims of violence in an hospital + advanced medical posts

Syria two years on: the failure of international aid so far

Report 7 Mar 2013
Ethiopia, Somali Crisis, Liben region, December 2012

Hear my voice: Somalis on living in a humanitarian crisis

Report 13 Feb 2013
Pibor, South Soudan
South Sudan

South Sudan’s hidden crisis: how violence against civilians is devastating communities and preventing access to life saving healthcare in Jonglei

Report 27 Nov 2012
Women's health

Safe Delivery: Reducing maternal mortality in Sierra Leone and Burundi

Report 19 Nov 2012
Lead poisoning and gold processing in Zamfara state, Nigeria, Ap

Time is running out: Zamfara State Lead Poisoning crisis

Report 15 Nov 2012

Out of the Dark: Meeting the needs of children with TB

Report 13 Nov 2012
DR TB Treatment in Uzbekistan

DR-TB Drugs Under the Microscope: 2nd Edition

Report 13 Nov 2012
Lebanon - Syrian refugees facing the hardship of winter

Fleeing the violence in Syria: Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Report 7 Sep 2012
Yida, Refugee Camp
South Sudan

Household based survey of retrospective mortality rates, prevalence of malnutrition, vaccination coverage and basic needs in Yida Refugee Camp

Report 2 Aug 2012
My Life With HIV: Carmen

Closer to Home: Delivering antiretroviral therapy in the community

Report 25 Jul 2012
My Life With HIV: Veena

Untangling the web of antiretroviral price reductions - 15th Edition

Report 25 Jul 2012
My Life With HIV: Carmen slideshow pictures

Speed Up Scale Up

Report 24 Jul 2012

Undetectable: How Viral Load Monitoring Can Improve HIV Treatment in Developing Countries

Report 23 Jul 2012
HIV/Aids in Zimbabwe

Progress Under Threat: Perspectives on the HIV treatment gap

Report 4 Jul 2012
Annual Report

International Activity Report 2011

22 Jun 2012
Annual Report

Dadaab: Shadows of Lives

Report 14 Jun 2012
Kala Azar in Bihar, India
Neglected diseases

Fighting Neglect: Finding ways to manage and control visceral leishmaniasis, human African trypanosomiasis and Chagas disease

Report 11 Jun 2012

Somebody Help

Report 22 May 2012
Access to medicines

The Right Shot: Extending the reach of affordable and adapted vaccines

Report 15 May 2012
Lead poisoning and gold processing in Zamfara state, Nigeria, Ap

Lead poisoning crisis in Zamfara state northern Nigeria paper

Report 11 May 2012
MSF TB treatment in north Uganda, 2011-12

From the Ground Up: Building a Drug-Resistant TB programme in Uganda

Report 29 Mar 2012
Somali refugee camps in Liben region near Dolo Ado, Ethiopia September 2011.
Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

Assisting the Somali population affected by the humanitarian crisis of 2011

Report 29 Mar 2012
Lives in the balance: the urgent need for HIV and TB treatment in Myanmar
Access to medicines

Losing ground: How Global Fund shortages and PEPFAR cuts are jeopardising the fight against HIV and TB

Report 26 Mar 2012