Chapter 9 - Route

Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

More than 68.5 million people worldwide have been forcibly displaced.

There are many reasons for flight, including war, persecution, conflict, natural disaster, destitution and repression. With health and well-being jeopardized, the lives of the most vulnerable can be at risk. The majority are internally displaced people (IDPs), meaning they haven't crossed a border and have stayed within their country. MSF teams work alongside people on the move at their points of arrival or during the treacherous journeys they undertake, inside and outside their countries.

Snapshots from Northern Syria

Update on situation and humanitarian needs after Raqqa offensive

Project Update 20 Oct 2017
Rohingya refugee crisis

Needs for clean drinking water are still extreme

Voices from the Field 18 Oct 2017
Refugees Fleeing into Bangladesh
Rohingya refugee crisis

Crisis update – October 2017

Crisis Update 17 Oct 2017
Mosul : Qayyara hospital

Returnees to Mosul face booby-trapped homes and destruction

Project Update 17 Oct 2017
Irak - MSF mobile clinics in Kirkuk and Salahedin governorates

Hawijah offensive pushes nearly 14,000 people to neighbouring districts

Project Update 12 Oct 2017
Living Conditions in Lesbos, Greece

EU border policies fuel mental health crisis for asylum seekers

Report 10 Oct 2017
Outdoors support clinics, Thaker. Leer, South Sudan
South Sudan

Continuing displacement is the new reality for many along northern frontier

Project Update 6 Oct 2017
MSF Medical Action - Rohingya Crisis
Rohingya refugee crisis

“If this is the better option, the other must have been a living hell”

Voices from the Field 6 Oct 2017
SAR activities June 2017
Mediterranean migration

MSF ends mission of search and rescue boat Prudence

Statement 5 Oct 2017
CAR - Mar 2017
Central African Republic

Crisis update - September 2017

Crisis Update 3 Oct 2017
MSF Response in Iligan City

Helping people cope amid conflict in Mindanao

Voices from the Field 29 Sep 2017
Roberto Wright, MSF's emergency team Anthropologist in Somali region, Ethiopia

“If people don’t understand what we do, they will never come to our health centres”

Voices from the Field 25 Sep 2017
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