Chapter 9 - Route

Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

Nearly 71 million people worldwide have been forcibly displaced.

There are many reasons for flight, including war, persecution, conflict, natural disaster, destitution and repression.

With health and well-being jeopardized, the lives of the most vulnerable can be at risk. The majority are internally displaced people (IDPs), meaning they haven't crossed a border and have stayed within their country.

MSF teams work alongside people on the move at their points of arrival or during the treacherous journeys they undertake, inside and outside their countries.

Dreams and hopes clash with daily realities in a refugee camp
Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

Refugees around the world: Stories of survival

Voices from the Field 19 Jun 2019
Masisi, a neglected crisis in North Kivu
Democratic Republic of Congo

Extra humanitarian assistance urgently needed in southern North Kivu crisis

Press Release 16 Dec 2019
Mora - Far North Region of Cameroon

Conflict in Far North region strips people of hope

Project Update 3 Dec 2019
Condition of migrants in Paris

Real solutions for migrants needed following evacuation of Paris camps

Press Release 29 Nov 2019
Lesbos and Samos Oct2019

European leaders: Stop punishing asylum seekers on the Greek islands

Open Letter 27 Nov 2019
Ocean Viking - Rotation 4, Rescue 3
Mediterranean migration

Survivors disembark in Italy amidst deadly week in the Mediterranean

Press Release 25 Nov 2019
Nyakun Kuok and her family standing outside her house in Dagahaley camp

Shut out and forgotten, refugees in Dadaab appeal for dignity

Project Update 18 Nov 2019
Thousands of migrants trapped ahead of Bosnian winter.
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Beaten, cold, sick and stranded: migrants and asylum seekers in Bosnia

Project Update 15 Nov 2019
Khanaqin, Diyala Governorat, Iraq

For displaced people in Iraq, going home seems impossible

Project Update 7 Nov 2019
Migrants and Refugees in Mexico shelters
Central American Migration

More people kidnapped, abused on migration route in southern Mexico

Press Release 30 Oct 2019
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