Tondo project in Philippines


An assessment we conducted in the Philippines in 2015 confirmed the need for sexual and reproductive health services in the densely populated and impoverished Tondo area of the capital, Manila.

Our team in the Philippines supports a clinic, in collaboration with local organisation Likhaan, on family planning services, carrying out consultations, and improving screening, diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. We also provide screening for cervical cancer and cryotherapy.

MSF teams are currently responding to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines.

In 2019
Floods in the region of Mindanao Island

MSF's response in Mindanao Island following the typhoon

Voices from the Field 6 Jan 2012

Activities suspended on Mindanao island, Philippines, after 46 killed

Project Update 25 Nov 2009
Ondoy Typhon , Angono, novembre 2009.

Struck twice by tropical storms, MSF works with the most vulnerable

Project Update 23 Oct 2009

MSF mobiles teams providing emergency assistance in newly flooded area in the northern Philippines

Project Update 13 Oct 2009

MSF teams assessing the situation in the northern Philippines as typhoon Parma loops back

Project Update 9 Oct 2009
Natural disasters

South Pacific region rocked by typhoons and earthquakes

Project Update 6 Oct 2009