Tondo project in Philippines


An assessment we conducted in the Philippines in 2015 confirmed the need for sexual and reproductive health services in the densely populated and impoverished Tondo area of the capital, Manila.

Our team in the Philippines supports a clinic, in collaboration with local organisation Likhaan, on family planning services, carrying out consultations, and improving screening, diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

We also provide screening for cervical cancer and cryotherapy. We also undertook a vaccination campaign against human papillomavirus, reaching 24,000 girls aged between nine and 13.

Emergency Philippines - Nov 2013

Typhoon Haiyan: MSF medical activities start taking shape

Project Update 13 Nov 2013
Cargo for Philippines, Ostend Airport, Belgium

Typhoon Haiyan: MSF working to reach worst affected areas

Project Update 12 Nov 2013
Spokespeople 2013 - Futur FieldCo, MedCo and HoM

Typhoon Haiyan: Interview with MSF emergency coordinator

Voices from the Field 11 Nov 2013
MSF Supply warehouse in Brussels, Belgium

MSF sends two cargo planes of medical and relief items while first teams arrive in Cebu

Project Update 10 Nov 2013
Response to Typhoon Bopha, Philippines

MSF team runs mobile clinics following typhoon

Project Update 31 Dec 2012
Floods in the region of Mindanao Island

MSF's response in Mindanao Island following the typhoon

Voices from the Field 6 Jan 2012