Tondo project in Philippines


An assessment we conducted in the Philippines in 2015 confirmed the need for sexual and reproductive health services in the densely populated and impoverished Tondo area of the capital, Manila.

Our team in the Philippines supports a clinic, in collaboration with local organisation Likhaan, on family planning services, carrying out consultations, and improving screening, diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. We also provide screening for cervical cancer and cryotherapy.

MSF teams are currently responding to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines.

In 2019
first Baby born in the maternity ward of MSF in Guiuan

Typhoon Haiyan: First baby born in MSF maternity unit

Project Update 21 Nov 2013
Panay Island - Mental health

“Depression can be as much of a disability as blindness”

Project Update 21 Nov 2013
Emergency Philippines - Nov 2013

MSF team sets up inflatable hospital

Project Update 21 Nov 2013
Assessments by helicopter of several small islands north east of Panay Island.
Project Update

Typhoon Haiyan: MSF nurse brings aid to her remote community

Voices from the Field 20 Nov 2013
Mobile clinic east of Roxas

Typhoon Haiyan: “We are building up a picture of the human suffering that has accompanied this disaster”

Project Update 19 Nov 2013
Philippines Emergency 2013

Typhoon Haiyan: "We have nothing, we lost everything"

Voices from the Field 19 Nov 2013