Treating people injured during the protests in Lima
MSF has responded to diseases including HIV and, more recently, COVID-19, while also responding to disasters such as earthquakes.

Teams in Peru provided HIV treatment to people in prisons until 2006 and responded to a massive earthquake on the southeastern coast in August 2007. Teams also responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, where our teams provided treatment to patients.

Our activities in 2021 in Peru

Data and information from the International Activity Report 2021.

MSF in Peru in 2020 In Peru, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) supported the national response to COVID-19 with treatment and vaccinations, and ran mobile clinics for Venezuelan migrants.

In response to a steep rise in COVID-19 infections in April, which put a severe strain on the Peruvian health system, we sent a team to support the regional hospital in Huacho. We treated patients with oxygen therapy in the intensive care unit and provided follow-up care in homes. 

In May, we started training health workers to treat COVID-19 patients in Cusco. We introduced non-invasive oxygen therapy, an alternative to intubation that allows patients to remain conscious. We also helped healthcare facilities in Huacho and Cusco to set up triage areas, and organised mental health consultations for patients and their families, both face-to-face and by phone. 

After COVID-19 cases declined, we handed over our patient care activities to Ministry of Health staff and focused on administering COVID-19 vaccines in the cities of Cusco, Arequipa and Tumbes.

Assistance for Venezuelan migrants
Nearly 1.3 million migrants from Venezuela now live in Peru and have limited access to medical care. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the borders were officially closed in 2021, leaving migrants without a way to register for healthcare and other government services. 

In November, we started to run a mobile clinic in the northern border region of Tumbes, providing medical consultations for migrants who had recently arrived. In December, we started a mobile clinic in four areas of the capital, Lima, offering basic healthcare to migrants and local people.


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