Patients at the MSF nutritional feeding programme Oromiya, Ethiopia

Transcript – Patients at MSF nutritional programs tell their stories Oromiya, Ethiopia Mieke Steenssens

"These two children are brothers. There are still four brothers at home. This is what the father explained me before. They were hospitalised four days ago. And they arrived with severe malnutrition and oedema up to the face. Now they start to lose some weight. This is because the oedema is disappearing. "They start to eat more. One of them already can smile a little bit if you ask him. Not smiling any more. So they are really getting better. Maybe in two or three days they can go home with some food and then we will give also family ration for the father to give to the rest of the family.

Interview with mother

“My name is Hawa and my daughter’s name is Gemucho. She is seven months old. Two months after she was born she became sick.” “I’m from Korre Rogcho. I have seven children and we survive by farming, but there’s a shortage of farmland. We cultivate different crops but now the fields have nothing. “The basic problem is the shortage in production, which is from the shortage of rain. This problem is common in our area.”

Mieke Steenssens

"This child receives 350 ml of milk three times a day. So we will see if the appetite is good today. And she gets three times planned Peanuts but this is more in the night. Thank you It’s for you. "You want to try some milk? [What’s in the milk? This is F100 milk. It is a special therapeutic milk with some minerals and vitamins, special for children in phase 2 of malnutrition.