Malnutrition Resistance to Breastfeeding Balochistan
Access to healthcare remains a challenge in Pakistan, especially for people in isolated rural communities, urban slums and areas affected by conflict.

Healthcare for women and children is a serious concern in Pakistan. Women in rural areas die from preventable complications during pregnancy and delivery, and neonatal care is unavailable in many areas. According to the Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey, one in every 11 children dies before the age of five.

We run a 60-bed paediatric hospital in Quetta, with a neonatal unit, an inpatient therapeutic feeding centre for children under five years with severe acute malnutrition, and an isolation ward.

In Kuchlak, 20 kilometres north of Quetta, we manage a mother and child health centre offering outpatient treatment and nutritional support for children under five and 24-hour emergency obstetric care.

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