Diffa, Niger: a region devastated by the Boko Haram crisis


The needs of refugees and displaced people in Diffa region continue to mount as the country strives to stem child mortality and outbreak of epidemics such as measles, meningitis and hepatitis E.

Niger continues to suffer the consequences of the ongoing conflict in the Lake Chad region.

To improve healthcare for displaced populations, host communities and the population at large - in particular children - we continue to work with the Ministry of Health and community health workers to deliver integrated health programmes throughout the country.

These focus on both the treatment and prevention of diseases, especially malnutrition and malaria, inside and outside formal health structures.

Key Activities

Diffa. Preventing the spread of hepatitis E
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Preventing the spread of hepatitis


Responding to a Hepatitis E outbreak in Diffa Niger

November 2017

The case fatality rate of hepatitis E in Niger’s Diffa region has reduced since the declaration of the outbreak by the authorities in mid-April 2017. The disease, which shares symptoms with other more common illnesses, initially caused a high number of deaths, particularly among pregnant women. Since the beginning of the epidemic, MSF has been supporting health authorities with the treatment of patients at the mother and child health centre in Diffa town where 354 women and children were admitted from 2 January to 1 October. At community level, in several health centres, health posts and in villages, the organization, together with the Ministry of Health, supported the treatment of more than 1400 people.


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