We work with the Myanmar Ministry of Health to provide care for HIV and TB patients, primary healthcare, and vaccinations.

Once the largest provider of HIV treatment in Myanmar, we are working with the Ministry of Health and Sports to transfer patients to the decentralised National AIDS Programme so they can receive care closer to home. This includes patients on treatment for co-infections such as hepatitis C, tuberculosis (TB) and multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB).

We have mobile teams in Naga, Sagaing, a remote, mountainous region in northern Myanmar, where communities have limited access to basic healthcare, especially during the rainy season, when some may be completely inaccessible for months.

Despite restrictions on humanitarian access to conflict-affected areas and forcibly displaced people, we also have mobile teams based in Sittwe, central Rakhine, offering primary healthcare and arranging emergency referrals for patients from all communities.

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