MSF staff in Dogdoré, eastern Chad, evacuated after security incident

Late on Thursday, June 19, the MSF team based in Dogdoré, eastern Chad, was attacked by a group of armed men. Approximately ten men managed to enter the two MSF staff houses and demanded money. The field officer opened the safe and the men took the contents, telephone communications equipment and two vehicles. On the morning of Friday, June 20, the MSF Head of Mission went to Dogdoré to review the circumstances with the team. The entire team was evacuated by plane to Abéché. The MSF local staff are maintaining the relief programs. Dogdoré is a village of 3,000 people where nearly 27,000 displaced persons have taken refuge. In June 2006, MSF set up a health center and 28-bed hospital there. Suspended in late March 2007 for security reasons, the program reopened in early April. During 2007, MSF held nearly 35,000 medical consultations and 685 children and 540 adults were hospitalized. Over the last few days, conflicts among armed groups in the area have picked up sharply.