Mental Healthcare in Mweso

Mental health

Where we work, we may see people with a mental illness or confronting distressing situations, such as violence, loss or displacement.

Mental health support can be crucial to help people cope. People seek help for many reasons - the agonising loss of a child in an earthquake, the trauma of violence, or surviving a dangerous journey. Our teams can provide mental health and psychosocial support through group sessions or individual consultations. MSF’s mental health care aims primarily to reduce people’s symptoms and improve their ability to manage a difficult time so they can get on with their lives.

Mental health

Quick facts about mental health

Mental Health Day Animation: Tips to De-Stress (ENG)

World Mental Health Day - how to de-stress

World Mental Health Day - how to de-stress

We all experience stress at one point in our lives. For World Mental Health Day, experts from our psychological support teams offer some tips on how to cope with stress.


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Mental health

Mental health care crucial in emergency situations

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Mental health

Exploring the limits of humanitarian aid

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Three months after Israeli pull-out, dread persists

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Mental health activity through support to a local NGO in Kashmir

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We produce important research based on our field experience. So far, we have published articles in over 100 peer-reviewed journals. These articles have often changed clinical practice and have been used for humanitarian advocacy. Read all our Mental Health-related articles on our dedicated Field Research website.

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