Patiente Ngangu, MSF nurse
More than 232 million children around the world last year suffered from malnutrition. It is the underlying contributing factor in nearly half of the deaths of children under five years of age.

Malnutrition can lead to a weakened immune system meaning children are more vulnerable to disease. These diseases can lead to further malnutrition, creating a vicious cycle of malnutrition and disease.

MSF first introduced specific therapeutic foods to treat malnutrition on a large scale as long ago as 2005, which has been widely used since; but access to specific and necessary nutrition remains one of the major challenges in reducing child mortality, especially in conflict-affected countries, where they are most vulnerable.

In 2021

Quick facts about malnutrition


“Falling sick in Rann is almost a death sentence”

Voices from the Field 19 Apr 2017
Journal article

Describing the toll of war on health in absentia

3 Apr 2017
Journal article
Mosul : Civilians caught in crossfire

Thousands of wounded and sick coming from western Mosul

Press Release 22 Mar 2017
Primary healthcare in South Sudan
South Sudan

Our community health workers are the MSF project

Voices from the Field 21 Feb 2017
Primary healthcare in South Sudan
South Sudan

Protracted conflict at root of nutrition crisis

Project Update 21 Feb 2017
Internal displaced people in Al-Houban, Taiz, Yemen

Crisis update - January 2017

Crisis Update 31 Jan 2017
Internally displaced People form Taiz Enclave Yemen

“Word had spread that I was a doctor, and people came to me for help all the time”

Voices from the Field 30 Jan 2017
MSF Mother and Child hospital, Taiz  Yemen

“That evening we had around 30 casualties, both wounded and dead.”

Voices from the Field 30 Jan 2017
MSF in Al Dhale and Taiz, Yemen. July 2015

Healthcare under siege in Taiz

Report 30 Jan 2017

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Nutrition centres in Maiduguri