palliative care & oncology service in Bamako
Access to medical care remains very limited in the north of Mali due to a lack of medical staff and supplies, and clashes between armed groups continue despite a peace agreement.

In Ansongo town, Gao region, we support the 48-bed referral hospital, providing outpatient consultations, inpatient and emergency care, surgery, maternal healthcare, treatment for chronic diseases, nutrition and laboratory services.

In Bamako, MSF teams are providing follow-up medical care and palliative care for people with cancer, through the city's Point G hospital, and in mobile visits to homes.

Our teams are currently responding to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in Mali.

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Understanding the crisis in Mali

Mali: Understanding the humanitarian crisis

Headlines about Mali often focus on conflict and security concerns. But these stories obscure the reality for people living through a six-year long crisis.

With 130,000 refugees already in neighbouring countries, more than one million people inside Mali are now in urgent need of health assistance.

This short video animation explains why.

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