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Destroyed Ambulances in East Ghouta, Syria
Global health

MSF urges G20 to take action on health issues

Press Release 6 Jul 2017
Health facilities damaged inside Mosul

Medical care in West Mosul: “There are no heroes in this story, only victims”.

Voices from the Field 6 Jul 2017
South Sudan - Pibor violence and looting
South Sudan

Malnutrition on the rise in Pibor

Project Update 5 Jul 2017
Democratic Republic of Congo

MSF provides emergency medical care in conflict-affected Kasai region

Project Update 5 Jul 2017
Scores of war wounded in West Mosul

Women and children among the scores of war-wounded treated at MSF hospital in West Mosul

Press Release 5 Jul 2017
Central African Republic

Zemio, a new town under fire

Press Release 4 Jul 2017
Mosul Healthcare

A difficult journey of healing for war-wounded residents in Mosul

Project Update 3 Jul 2017
MSF HIV Clinics in Kinshasa, DRC

HIV response in West and Central Africa will not succeed if key barriers remain unaddressed

Press Release 3 Jul 2017

Out of Step 2017 1 Jul 2017
SMC and vaccination in the north of Mali

MSF suspends activities in Kidal region

Statement 30 Jun 2017
MSF Supported Primary Healthcare Centre, South of Mosul

Crisis update - 29 June 2017

Crisis Update 29 Jun 2017
TB support in Swaziland

"A long and gruelling seven years and now it is over"

Voices from the Field 29 Jun 2017
Federica Zamatto

Everything you don’t want to know about torture

Voices from the Field 26 Jun 2017
Asbuli 2016

MSF sees tenfold increase in children with malnutrition in Doolo zone

Project Update 26 Jun 2017
Bentiu POC
Annual Report

International Activity Report 2016

25 Jun 2017
Annual Report

MSF resumes medical activities

Project Update 23 Jun 2017
Libya: detention centres in Tripoli

Providing assistance to migrants and refugees

Voices from the Field 23 Jun 2017
Snakebite Amputation
Neglected diseases

MSF welcomes WHO decision to include snakebite on Neglected Tropical Diseases list

Statement 23 Jun 2017
Annual Report

International Financial Report 2016

22 Jun 2017
Annual Report
MSF supported cholera treatment center in Al-Sadaqa hospital, Aden, Yemen

Cholera continues to spread

Project Update 21 Jun 2017
Central African Republic

Heavy fighting resumes in Bria despite peace agreement

Press Release 20 Jun 2017

Despite generous policy, basic needs of refugees are not being met

Press Release 19 Jun 2017
Hepatis E outbreak in Diffa

Hepatitis E outbreak in Diffa – 186 pregnant women admitted to hospital

Project Update 19 Jun 2017
MSF Logistique - Bordeaux
How we work

How we deliver medical humanitarian assistance

Everywhere we work, the circumstances are unique. Nonetheless, our programmes generally follow a common set of practices designed to make sure our resources and expertise are used to maximum effect.

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