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El Salvador
El Salvador

“They ripped my soul out”

Project Update 19 Dec 2018
MSF clinic in Niamey to treat people on the move

Medical care for people on the move in Niamey

Project Update 19 Dec 2018

Earthquake response: 30 years of MSF in Armenia

Project Update 19 Dec 2018
Central American Migration

“I want a normal life for my son”

Voices from the Field 18 Dec 2018
مستشفى السلام في شرق الموصل في العراق

A new emergency room for Al ‘Salaam hospital, East Mosul

Press Release 18 Dec 2018
Cholera vaccination campaign in Maradi

Preventing future outbreaks in a cholera hotspot

Project Update 17 Dec 2018
Many people in the Platinum belt have family members working in the mines. Houses are often built close together in smaller, spread out neighbourhoods.
South Africa

Critical gaps in mental healthcare for survivors of sexual violence

Report 17 Dec 2018
Body Mapping as a mental health response to sexual violence
South Africa

The mental healthcare lottery faced by victims of sexual violence

Voices from the Field 17 Dec 2018
Diffa, Niger: Young managed touched by the conflict

Diffa’s young minds damaged by the conflict

Project Update 14 Dec 2018
Diffa, Niger: Young managed touched by the conflict

Lives haunted by violence

Voices from the Field 14 Dec 2018
Diffa, Niger: Young managed touched by the conflict
Mental health

“It takes a lot to bring these children back to something approaching a normal life”

Interview 13 Dec 2018
Central American Migration

US asylum restrictions are deepening Mexican border crisis

Press Release 13 Dec 2018
No safe haven for Iraq’s displaced

Iraq’s displaced see no hope on the horizon

Voices from the Field 12 Dec 2018
MMR Vaccination in Chios, Greece
Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

"Migration is not a crime. Saving lives is not a crime"

Speech 11 Dec 2018
Condemned to drown at sea or be locked up in Libya

Open letter to the UN on the fate of refugees trapped in dangerous Libya

Open Letter 10 Dec 2018
Photo Story

MSF in Lebanon: Then and Now

7 Dec 2018
Photo Story
Aquarius: denouncing and activity
Mediterranean migration

Aquarius forced to end operations as Europe condemns people to drown

Press Release 6 Dec 2018
MSF Trauma Center - Taiz

Whether it be from the sky or on the ground, medical care is a target in Yemen

In the Media 6 Dec 2018
Inpatient Male Department, Al-Nasser Hospital - Ad Dhale

“When you add it all up, you’re looking at a devastating situation for the people of Yemen”

Interview 6 Dec 2018
Mrs Iqbal Story - Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Treatment, Peshawar

Bringing hope to sufferers of a neglected disease

Project Update 5 Dec 2018
Essential Hepatitis C medicine Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir
Hepatitis C

Appeal lodged against decision to uphold Gilead’s patent on hepatitis C drug

Press Release 5 Dec 2018
Ebola outbreak - Bunia
Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola spreads further into urban communities and isolated areas in North Kivu

Project Update 3 Dec 2018
NAURU - MSF forced to end its Mental Health activities

“I can see my life going down and sinking into the oceans”

Voices from the Field 2 Dec 2018
NAURU - MSF forced to end its Mental Health activities

Medical report shows disastrous impact of Australia’s offshore processing policy

Press Release 2 Dec 2018
MSF Logistique - Bordeaux
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How we deliver medical humanitarian assistance

Everywhere we work, the circumstances are unique. Nonetheless, our programmes generally follow a common set of practices designed to make sure our resources and expertise are used to maximum effect.

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